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Searching for the Best Solar Panel Manufacturer Company in Gujarat? We at Grace Renewable Energy is considered to be the best Solar Panel Manufacturer company in Ahmedabad, India. The panels offered by us are at par with quality standards and we never disappoint our customers for energy generation. We are listed as the top solar panel company after pre-screening and verified by our audience who trust us. Moreover there are hundreds of solar companies developed and selecting the right solar company can be so tough and time-consuming. We are recognized as No.1 and best Solar company in Ahmedabad after receive a positive reviews and customer satisfaction, market presence and many more made us to achieve the place. We are even well-known in the market as leading top solar panel manufacturer, supplier, producers, rooftop solar installers, solar panel dealers, epc contractors, Solar Power Consultant in Ahmedabad, Turnkey EPC Solution Provider.

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We at Grace recognize the full power of the sun and we are fully devoted for making its sustainable energy a considerable part of India’s and world’s energy potential. We prolong to accomplish solar energy solutions and established financial savings helping to protect the environment. We are considered as one of the leading distributors of Solar Power Systems in India. Our main focus is on supplying the most highly developed Solar PV systems and products to the Indian retails, suburban and profitable market. The main motto of GRACE is to make Solar Power for homes, businesses and schools a viable, affordable option for hundreds of thousands of people across India.

We are producing the Solar PV modules with the utmost energy output and unparalleled consistency. Our offered quality product includes Solar Panel, Rooftop Solar Plant, Solar Module, Solar Power Inverter, Solar Street Light, Solar Pump and power packs. Grace helps to formulate clean energy existing to homeowners, businesses, commercial buildings, schools, non-profits and government organizations at very competitive prices. We are flourished with a Global team of professionals with proficiency in executing solar power manufacturing and distribution. We distribute perfection in every step from designing, engineering, manufacturing, supplying, installation to maintenance of Solar Panel PV systems ranging from few watts to megawatts as per the International standards.

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Renewable Energy is sustainable as it’s is obtained from sources that are inexhaustible. Renewable Energy is the future of our children, future of our planet, which are in our hands. That’s why the energy matters.


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Grace helps our customers to take control of their power needs and generates their own sustainable energy.

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Cut your Electricity Bill, Get paid for the electricity you, generate through the Feed-in Tariff, Sell electricity back to the grid, Cut your carbon footprint.


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Pricing of Residential Rooftop Solar Power System in Gujarat

System Capacity 1kW 2kW 3kW 5kW 6kW 7kW 8kW
Area Required 100 Sq.ft 200 Sq.ft 300 Sq.ft 500 Sq.ft 600 Sq.ft 800 Sq.ft 1000 Sq.ft
Annual Electricity Generation
1500 Units 3000 Units 4500 Units 7500 Units 9000 Units 12000 Units 15000 Units
Price 69000 138000 207000 345000 414000 552000 690000
Central Gove. Subsidy 20700 41400 62100 103500 124200 165600 207000
Gujarat State Gove. Subsidy 10000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000
Net payment by Beneficiary 38300 76600 124900 221500 269800 366400 463000
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In India, one can buy either locally manufactured modules or internationally imported ones from the international companies. In a major initiative, Govt. of India has prepared a plan to scale-up development of Grid-Connected Solar Power, under the National Solar Mission, from 20,000 MW of grid-connected solar to 1lac MW by 2022, giving high emphasis to grid-connected Rooftop Solar Power Projects.

According to the subsidy provided by the GEDA is Rs 10000/-per kw after successful installation and commissioning of Rooftop Solar System by private Residential Consumers with maximum limit of Subsidy of Rs 20,000/ per consumer. The subsidy would be incomplete to installation of 2 kW Rooftop Solar System only. The total capacity of the rooftop Power plant could be higher subject to ceiling of 50% of contracted load as per the Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015.

Internationally the prices have slashed to 45 cents per watt. These costs are for multicrystalline modules as they are more widespread in India. Monocrystalline solar panels are luxurious than multicrystalline modules and are generally used for rooftop installation, which is not very popular in India. Though several programs have been initiated to create awareness about the benefits of rooftop solar in India, the country still is waiting to witness a boom. India has a target to achieve 40 GW of rooftop solar installations by 2022.

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