Solar Energy System Manufacturers in Ahmedabad - Gujarat

It is considered that India is having the preeminent geographical location in the globe not only makes it rich in natural resources but also grants it to experiences 300 days of sunlight in a year. It is known that Government of India has an ambitious target of installing 100GW of Solar by 2022 under the mission of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Grace Renewable Energy is a fast growing organization in the field of Solar Energy System Manufacture in India. With the cost-effective means of production and by adhering to International Standards and best practices in manufacturing, we have been providing high efficiency, high performance and durable solar PV modules.

Solar Energy System Suppliers in Ahmedabad - Gujarat

We recommend most highly developed, long-lasting and easy to install system solutions in the industry, ensuring all solar desires to be satisfied. In addition to Solar Panels, we are manufacturing solar based LED Street Lighting Systems and also have been implementing power projects, Rooftop solar systems, grid-tie solar systems, off-grid solar systems, solar water pumping and water heating systems. Solar Energy system generates electricity from sunlight that falls on the earth which is known as clean energy system.

Solar Energy System in Ahmedabad - Gujarat

Our solar power systems can be installed just about anywhere in large buildings, in factories, in residential homes and also in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity from grid. It is clean exhaustible energy source with abundant energy and flexible options. As the foremost manufacturer of solar power energy products, we make sure sustainability plays a key role in all our business activities.


  • Saving on your electricity bills
  • Don't underestimate the Power of the Sun
  • Electricity contributes to a significant operating cost for businesses
  • A bright and clean future
  • The property rates of homes with solar power installed are 3-4% higher than those without
  • Accelerated depreciation is the depreciation of fixed assets at a fast rate in the assets initial years