Solar Street Lighting System in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Backed with the team of well experienced professional, Grace is engaged in offering Solar Street Light, which is an environment friendly.  Grace is the brand in the industry, as a Solar Street Light Manufacturer. We are designing the solar street lights for lighting of compounds, boundary walls, boulevards, car parking areas, airports, public space and where electricity is unavailable.

What is Solar Street Light?

Solar Street Light is an unconnected solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL luminaries. These offered Solar Street Light is ideal for its low maintenance demand and low operational costs. The configuration of the offered solar street light is modified to the wattage and brightness requires and it can be designed for dusk to dawn operations with the required number of days of autonomy.

Advantages of Solar Street Light

Solar lighting is protected and environmental friendly as they do not necessitate peripheral power supply. There is no electric cables requisite and installation is very undemanding. It is appropriate for use in inaccessible areas and location near water. And they run cost free; you do not have to be anxious about electricity bills.

Components Used for Solar Street Lights

The components of solar lighting system mostly comprise solar panels, solar controller, battery, light source, light pole and lamp shell, and some have to organize the inverter.

How long the Solar Street Lights work at night?

The Solar Street Light installed requires direct sunlight. The more sunlight received during the day time, the longer the light will be operated at night. As it is known that the solar light are fully depended on sunlight in the day time, the operating times will vary by specific location, daily weather conditions and season. On an average the solar street light can run upto 8-10hours. During the summer season the lighting runs longer and sunnier days enable a full charge to be achieved and vice-verse in other seasons.

What types of Bulbs are required for Solar Street Lights?

Latest L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) on our solar lights, also we use CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).

Maintenance of Solar Street Light required

No maintenance is necessary apart from an infrequent wiping of the solar panel to keep it free of dust, dirt, debris, or snow to allow the batteries to charge properly for optimum performance.

Features of Solar Street Lights
  • Automatic dusk to dawn controller (DTDC)
  • Highly efficient charge controller
  • Weather proof luminaries
  • Adequate protections 
  • Battery Box with locking provisions
  • Unmanned Operation
  • Good Visibility, Low Glare
  • Low Insect Attraction Ratio
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