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Grace is considered to be the brand name in the market for manufacturing the solar products. We are backed with the team of experienced professional engaged in offering Solar Generator. We are well-known in the market for Solar Generator manufacturer and our products are hugely demanded by the clients for their attributes. The below mentioned are few description and working of Solar Generator.


Solar power generators use the sun’s energy to generate electricity. A photoelectric panel, which converts the sunlight directly into electrical current, solar thermal generators, uses the sun’s heat to generate electricity. The most advanced technology of Solar Generator offers many of the benefits of traditional power generation without the carbon dioxide emissions that come from coal and natural gas power plants.

solar generator manufacturer


A device which is designed to provide the electrical power for running various items, the size of the item, that’s runs, depends on the capacity of the solar generator. The offered smallest version of the generator runs full-sized refrigerators and freezers, as well as smaller items such as flat-screen TVs, computers and such. They will also provide power to charge batteries, cell phones etc. Some use solar generators to be earth friendly, some use them as an emergency resource during power outages; some use them to reduce home utility bills.


A moveable solar generator works by collecting the sunlight and converting it into electrical current in a photovoltaic panel. Further, this electric current flows to a charge controller, and sends the current to the batteries, monitoring their state-of-charge and narrowing off the amperage as the batteries happen to full charge. Moreover this battery stores the power until the power is needed. The inverter draws power from the batteries and converts DC into AC current power whatever is needed and USB charging ports to power diverse well-suited devices even without the inverter switched on.


When there is the power cut due to the storm, earthquake, or any other reason, the current is off, then the solar generators plays an important role to power your cell phones, laptops, to run the fans and tube lights etc., as well as able to provide some illumination.

Advantages of Solar Generator

  • Once purchased, refueling is free forever
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • No odors, fumes or exhaust of any kind
  • No flammable liquids to store
  • Much safer and more discreet in a bad disaster situation
  • Storage is not a problem; you don't have to worry if it's going to start when you need it
  • Extremely long lived. Good long term investment
  • Better ability to run hard-to-start inductive loads like refrigerators, freezers, etc

Characteristics of Solar Generator

  • Renewable-energy system with low maintenance 
  • Complete components for easy installation by a novice user
  • High performance solar charge controller and inverter
  • Suitable for all kinds of electric instruments
  • The battery capacity can be adjusted according to customer‘s demand.
  • The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.
  • Safety Protection design 

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