Solar Panels For Office

We are dealing with the office buildings typically which depends on electricity for most of their operations and have little need energy. Further the consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much greater than that of the night time, which makes them ideally suited to solar power where electricity is generated only during the daytime. There are dissimilar loads in an office building depending on the environment of work done at the scrupulous office; serious loads may be present that require running incessantly.

Solar Panels For Office in Gwalior

There may be numerous reimbursements from using solar power, such as reduction of grid and diesel consumption but there are few constraints in using solar power as well. Rooftop solar power can meet up to 20% of an office building’s electricity requirements in India. If your building consumes a lot of diesel for power generation, rooftop solar can abate up to 20% of your diesel bills, subject to timing of load shedding.  As the rooftop space may not be adequate to support the complete electrical load of your facility with solar, it becomes essential to estimate the different kinds of loads to identify loads that can be/need to be supported by solar.