Solar Panels For Greenhouse

Power is considered to be one of the biggest issues we face when setting up or upgrading a greenhouse. At off-grid locations, we are able to suck the grid power. The options of off-grids are very expensive and not very green. The use of gas generators create noise and smell to deal with. Grace can help you to solve these issues with greenhouse solar power. The solar panel for greenhouse is our term for all encompassing solar options to help you Green Your Grow. Clean, green and silent, Greenhouse Solar Power will help you cut your fuel usage or reduce your grid electricity usage and save money over time. 

Solar Panels For Greenhouse in Chhindwara

Grace has developed an industry-leading technology for manufacturing of solar PV modules optimized for greenhouse applications.  Both plants and solar panels require sunlight, and before now it has not been possible to do both under the same roof.  These modules enable greenhouse growers to produce electricity for either offsetting their own power needs or enables them to generate revenue on the same existing footprint of their greenhouses, all without compromising their agricultural productivity.