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What is meant by Solar Module?

A Solar Module is an individual solar panel consisting of numerous solar cells, wiring, a frame, and glass. A group of solar module connected to the same system is known as solar array. A Solar Module is also known as Solar Panel.

Our offered modules are a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells. We offer a solo solar module that can create only an inadequate quantity of power; and frequently installations restrain multiple modules. These solar modules are used to generate solar power to produce electricity to appliances. Our solar system is designed at educational institutions, industries, manufacturing centers and commercial buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Community Halls, Social Clubs, and Malls etc. Our provided Solar Modules are used as Garden lights, solar lighting, solar pump, Street light, solar home lighting systems. We use premium quality crystalline solar module. The manifestation and electrical recital of every module are tested to guarantee high quality. We use finest quality crystalline solar module.

Attributes of Solar Module
  • Enhanced low light performance
  • Minimum moisture ingress for greater longevity of the modules
  • Top rated highly classified bins of solar cells
  • Selection of best quality of materials and matching of components for harvesting more power
  • High anodized Aluminum frame
  • High reliability in extreme weather conditions
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Solar PV Module Manufacturer

A set of electrically connected solar cells are known as Solar PV (photovoltaic) module. The main purpose of the Solar PV Module is to generate the electric current. We are manufacturing the Solar cells using different materials. We are using mostly mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline silicon. With the help of thin film solar cells, thin semiconductor layers are deposited on an inert substrate mainly glass. Further it is known that a single solar cells do not produce enough electrical power, so many other PV cells are combined in so called photovoltaic solar modules and its has the attributes like weather proof mounted between the glass plate. With the help of our high-tech manufacturing equipments we are manufacturing the PV solar module with in-house processes and system to constrain manufacturing excellence and a global supply chain and distribution network. GRACE is the preferred choice for products and services with Made in India brand at global scale.

Attributes Solar PV Module
  • High efficiency, resulting in high power output
  • Energy saver
  • Eco-friendly
  • High Impact resistant toughened glass used
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Longer service life
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